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Facial rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles, eyelid correction. Gdańsk.

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Smoothing mimic wrinkles with botulinum toxin (Botox) Gdańsk

Botulinum toxin therapy can be an effective way for smoothing out the facial mimic lines and rejuvenating the ageing face. Botulinum toxin blocks impulses from nerves to tiny facial muscles that are responsible for expression lines. It prevents muscle contraction and the resultant wrinkling and folding of the skin, thereby leading to the relaxation of the muscle and the overlying skin.  Botulinum toxin is active only within the intermediate area of injection, leaving the remaining muscles unaffected. As a result, the facial expression does not change, while wrinkles disappear.

The botulinum toxin treatment should be considered for:

• horizontal forehead wrinkles

• glabellar wrinkles (worry lines, lion wrinkles)

• drooping eyelids

• crow’s feet wrinkles

• wrinkles around the mouth

• drooping mouth corners

• chin imperfections (the “dimply chin”, the “witch’s chin”)


Botulinum toxin therapy effects:

• wrinkles eliminated or significantly reduced

• some parts of the face can be slightly lifted, e.g. brows or eyelids

• można nieznacznie unieść niektóre części twarzy, na przykład brwi lub powieki

• with the skin smoothed and tightened, it takes much longer for wrinkles to recur

The full effect of treatment comes after 2-3 days at the minimum, but not later than after up to 2 weeks. This time is needed for botuline toxin to work.  The effect lasts from 4 to 6 months and may vary in individual cases.

What does the treatment involve?

A small amount of botulinum toxin is dissolved in a saline solution and injected into selected areas.  Depending on what is needed and what is recommended by the doctor, several injections can be done during one treatment session. A standard session takes about 15 minutes, but its duration depends, on the number of injections, certainly. The patient may experience some discomfort from the needle puncture during the injection, but it lasts for several seconds only and is a normal feeling. In most cases, the treatment leaves no traces at all, which means that the patients may resume their daily activities immediately.                                             

How to prepare for the treatment

To avoid the undesirable side-effects, including reduced effectiveness of the botuline toxin treatment, Vitamin E, vitamin supplements, herbs such like hypericum (St. John.s wort), Gingko Bilboa, anti-inflammatory medicines, as well as any medications that affect blood clotting should be discontinued 7 days before the planned treatment.

Intense physical effort, as well as exposure to thermal stress (sauna, sunbeds) should be avoided immediately before the treatment.

Contraindications to botuline toxin treatment

absolute contraindications:

• neuromuscular junction disorders (Miastenia gravis, Lambert– Eaton syndrome)

• hypersensitivity to botulinum toxin ingredients (human albumin)

• the following medicines being used or discontinued up to 7 days before the treatment:

• aminoglycosides, aminoquinolines, cyclosporine, lincomycin, tetracycline, polymyxin

• local skin infections

• pregnancy, lactation

relative contraindications:

• coagulation disorders and

• the use of anticoagulants

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