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Facial rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles, eyelid correction. Gdańsk.

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I am very satisfied with the effects of my facial mesotherapy. The face is clearly smoothed, sort of “bulged”. The under-eye wrinkles and nasolabial lines have shallowed. I look much younger. I feel very well in my “new skin”. The procedure was performed in a very professional manner. The lady doctor applied the product very precisely, filled all target areas of my face, one by one. The treatment was not entirely pain-free, but owing to the very presence and care of the Doctor and her Assistant, as well as the anaesthetic cream being applied, you can safely survive the mesotherapy treatment. The pain is minimal and ceases immediately after the injections. I am recommending this to all those who wish to improve the condition of their skin, but have not chosen botuline toxin or HA treatments.

Joanna, Gdańsk


I decided to come, encouraged by a friend of mine who had her eyelids “done” here. Drooping eyelids had been my problem for some time. My face looked sad and older in the evenings, in particular. The eyelid correction procedure took about 50 minutes and was absolutely painless. I felt maybe a bit more inconvenience when the doctor removed the stitches a week later. The eyelids healed lovely and fast. There was no trace of the surgery after two weeks – when I came back to work, everyone was curious to know, where I had had such a fantastic holiday rest that had made me look so much younger.

I do recommend the treatment. It is all fully professional here.

Dorota K., Gdynia


I am very satisfied with the choice I have made. My eyelids had been feeling heavy for some time. The eyes looked very tired especially towards the end of the day... I felt absolutely awful looking always tired and sad at the same time.

Someone recommended me the blepharoplasty treatments performed so very precisely by doctor Jurska. The procedure was performed under local anaesthesia. I felt nothing. I was a bit nervous, but the doctor comforted me in a very patient and warm manner.

I came back to have the stitches removed after a week. The change was sensational. The tiny scar is absolutely invisible with my eyes open. I did not tell anyone at work. When I came back after 10 days, the girls said the holiday had been so good for me because I looked ... 10 years younger... Thank you very much. I do recommend. I am very satisfied.



This has not been my first mesotherapy treatment. This time I chose to have my neck and décolleté area treated. My face oval has improved much. Neck wrinkles are much shallower. I do recommend.

A professional service at a good price.

Ania, Gdańsk.

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